Exciting changes are coming to the 2023 Subaru Legacy

Here in the greater Oregon City area, there are any number of different options for folks searching for a new midsize sedan, but none can hold a candle to the new 2023 Subaru Legacy. This car has been a fan-favorite of Oregon City drivers for years now, and it's likely to continue to be so with its fresh slate of updates for the 2023 model year.


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Your Vehicle’s Differential? What is It’s Purpose?

What is a vehicle’s differential? There’s a gearbox between the drive wheels of your new Subaru. This gearbox works with your vehicle’s transmission to send power from the engine to the front and rear axles, which stabilizes your vehicle’s turning. When you turn, for the best grip, you need the outside wheels to turn faster than the inside wheels, and a differential uses gears to accomplish this.

Subaru vehicle systems include Viscous Center Differential (VCD), Active Torque Split (ATS), Variable Torque Distribution (VTD), and Driver Controlled Center Differential (DCCD).

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Spoil Fido with Genuine Subaru Pet Accessories


It's no secret that the Subaru brand is all about the pets. If you'd like to mix brand loyalty with the love of your dog, Subaru's Genuine Pet Accessories have you covered.


Pet accessories for convenience

Make sure your dog(s) can easily stay hydrated and fed on longer trips with Subaru-branded dishes. They're available in multiple sizes to cater to all breeds.


Pet accessories for easily cleaning

You love your dog, but we know their fur can get everywhere! With our Genuine Subaru seat covers, you can make cleaning a lot easier. There's even…

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Did you know you can pre-order your Subaru?


A vehicle is a major purchase, and we understand if you don't want to settle on the Subaru you'll be bringing home to your driveway. So, if you're a discerning shopper, we suggest checking out our pre-order form.


Here you can let us know what you're looking for in your next ride:

  • The color you crave
  • Safety features that meet your peace-of-mind needs
  • Engine options that fit your driving lifestyle
  • Technologies for an enjoyable commute
  • Accessories that offer additional convenience or outdoor-friendly capabilities


Once we've gathered your information, a sales associate will reach out


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