Road Safety is Just a Brake Repair Away at Lithia Subaru of Oregon City

It's obvious that brakes play an important role in the function of your vehicle. But it's less obvious that your brakes need to be repaired and replaced occasionally in order for you to stay as safe as possible in your vehicle.

A lot can happen to your brakes over time that can make them less effective. There are also a lot of factors like driving habits and road conditions that can affect how long your brakes are able to last. Since there is no exact timeline for the lifespan of brakes, here at Lithia Subaru of Oregon City we urge our customer to look out for a number of warning signs that could suggest that it's time to have your brakes checked.

When you apply the brakes, pay attention to how they respond. If they make a grinding or squealing noise, if the brake pedal or steering wheel vibrates, or the vehicle takes longer than usual to come to a stop, then it is likely time for a repair or replacement. Also keep an eye out for clear, yellowish fluid leaks and a spongy brake pedal, as these are signs of more serious brake issues. If you notice any of these signs, it's important that you call our service center at (888) 347-8035 right away so one of our technicians can inspect your brakes and determine whether they are safe to use or if they need to be repaired or replaced.

Visit our service center located at 1404 Main Street, Oregon City, OR as soon as possible so you can be sure that your safety is taken care of. You can also stop by our service center or give us a call to discuss the symptoms you're experiencing, or to discuss our service process. We'll do our best to answer all of your questions.

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