Today's average car battery is built to meet vehicle demands for roughly four to seven years. During that time, many things can compromise your car battery's health. Extreme hot and cold are the main culprits. According to the experienced team members of our Lithia Subaru of Oregon City service department, here's why.

All About Electrolytes

Electrolytes in your car battery create and store electricity. It's this stored electricity that helps your engine turn over. When extreme cold sets in, your car battery's electrolytes become sluggish and slow, losing up to 20 percent or more in capacity. The loss of capacity strains your battery's ability to perform optimally, causing it to break down.

Car Batteries in Summer

On the whole, summer is kind to your car battery. The battery's warm, free-flowing electrolytes do their job, but they perform a little too well. Your car battery's capacity increases so greatly in summer, that it works overtime and dies more quickly than at pleasant temperatures of 75 to about 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

To maintain textbook car battery health, schedule an appointment today at our Oregon City dealership service department. We'll have your battery up and going in no time.


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