Take Care of Your Vehicle This Spring

Spring is a time of renewal. A good spring cleaning of your vehicle is always a good idea. Start with your owner's manual and complete any scheduled maintenance. For your vehicle to be in great shape all summer, get your car tuned up. From the wiper blades to the air conditioner, get your car ready for summer.

Have your tires checked for wear and tear. If the pressure is low, add air to your tires. Your fluids will need to be topped off and any small mechanical problems that developed over the winter should be fixed. Get your oil and filter changed to optimize your engine.

Once your car get's maintenance, get down to cleaning. You'll want to get all the dirt and grime that accumulated over the winter off of your vehicle. You can ruin the exterior of your car if road salt is left, or dirt can scratch the surface of your car.



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IMPORTANT RECALL INFORMATION: Some of our pre-owned vehicles may be subject to unrepaired safety recalls. Check for a vehicle's unrepaired recalls at safercar.gov.
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