Don't Let Your Engine Overheat and Cause Expensive Damage

Buying the right car at Lithia Subaru of Oregon City is important, but maintaining that car is just as important as selecting it. The radiator is one of those things you will want to maintain because the engine can overheat and cause significant damage to your vehicle if the radiator does not work properly. Here is what you can do to avoid an overheated engine and the costs associated with it.

The signs of a problem with a radiator include leaking coolant underneath the car. Another symptom of a potential radiator problem is an engine that seems to be hotter than normal after starting the car or driving for a little while. All of these are signs that the radiator may be damaged and may need urgent repair.

A radiator has several components such as a core, water pump, cap, hoses and thermostat that all work in tandem to cool the engine down. Doing the manufacturer recommended maintenance on the radiator is the best way to avoid having radiator issues and potential engine failure.



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