The Right Way to Jump-Start a Car with a Different Vehicle

In order to jump-start a car with a dead battery, you will need to drive another vehicle as close to the nose of your car as possible so the battery compartments are close enough for the jumper cables to reach. Unravel your jumper cables, turn off the car engine, and open the hoods of both cars.

The battery will be marked with a plus and minus sign on each terminal. The red jumper cable goes to the plus on the good battery first. The other red then goes to the plus on the dead battery. The black cable will go to the minus side of the good battery. The last black jumper cable goes on any exposed metal surface on the car getting a jump-start.

Crank over the car, wait a couple minutes, then try to start your car. Don't delay, get to our Subaru service center in Oregon City today so we can test the car battery and see what is wrong with the charging system.

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