Don't Ignore the Tire Pressure Light

A tire pressure sensor is directly inserted into all tires installed on vehicles made after September 2007. If the tire gets below a certain threshold, the sensor light will appear on the dashboard. In some vehicles, an indirect system measures the rotation of the tires and goes off if it determines one tire isn't performing like it should.

Tires could be underinflated because it was cold overnight or because they haven't been inflated in the last few months. Underinflated tires can reduce gas mileage and result in excess wear on the product itself. This can cost a driver money as well as put his or her safety at risk.

If your tire pressure sensor light comes on, don't hesitate to come to Lithia Subaru of Oregon City for service. The sooner that you bring the vehicle in to our auto service center, the easier and less expensive it can be to fix the problem.

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