Breathe Easy With Fresh Cabin Air Filters

The engine and cabin air filters in your vehicle are essential in maintaining the proper airflow for maximum performance. The cabin filter is crucial for you and your passengers, while engine air filters keep your vehicle's engine running at its peak performance.

Cabin Air Filter Function and Replacement

The cabin air filter removes the particles and pollutants that can reach the interior of the vehicle. Driving in dry, dusty conditions can quickly affect the performance of the filter. A dirty, clogged filter will need replacing.

Importance and Function of the Engine Air Filter

Engine air filters give your vehicle's engine the proper air flow it needs to run correctly. If the engine air filter is needing to be replaced, you will notice a reduction in acceleration and overall driving performance.

Have your cabin and engine air filters inspected by the professional Subaru service technicians at Lithia Subaru of Oregon City to keep your vehicle running efficiently.

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