Do the Prep Work Before Towing a Recreational Vehicle

There is no better way to enjoy life with the family on the road than with a trailer hitched onto the back of your truck or SUV. What is the safest way to haul, though? Here are two things to consider before you bring the family trailer along on your next trip.

1. Balance both sides of the trailer

It is important that you seek to balance the weight of your trailer as it relates to your vehicle. Placing bulky items on both sides of the carrier, instead of just on one end of the spectrum, is the best way to have a safe and balanced trip.

2. Turn your vehicle’s wheel in the opposite direction of where you want the trailer to go

You want your trailer to go left, right? Well, you need to turn the wheel of your truck to the right to make that happen. When you are driving with an additional load, it is important to remember that opposite is the way.

Still a bit confused about towing capacity? Stop by our car repair and maintenance facility in Oregon City, OR for more details about traveling with an additional load!

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